Project Compost is a subunit of Campus Center for the Environment (CCE), a student-run, student-funded unit of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD).

Project Compost has two goals: Action and Education. The Education slate involves offering free composting workshops every quarter and making presentations to clubs and classrooms as well as constructing compost bins to distribute. The Action portion entails weekly compost pick-ups from the ASUCD Coffee House, the Pomology Department, the Bowley greenhouse, the Botanical Conservatory, the Salad Bowl Garden, Briggs Hall and several other locations on campus. Our newest pick-up location is the Coffee Lab, which is offered through the Chemical Engineering Department! Project Compost collects about 1 ton of compostable organic matter per week. Volunteers for Project Compost get to drive our electric vehicle coined “The Cyclops” with this organic matter to our windrows pile at the Student Farm.

If you are interested in volunteering for a weekly compost run, please email us at cce@asucd.ucdavis.edu.