Karl Zahlhaas Liebner

  • Unit Director
  • Campus Center for the Environment
Karl (He/Him/His), is a third year Environmental Science and Management major who really enjoys taking care of the environment. Most of his childhood, he lived in the countryside of Chile and spent his time taking care of the garden and animals his family and him owned. So, very shortly after he became a student at UC Davis, he started to look for opportunities that would cultivate this passion of his and simultaneously benefit the school in a positive way...

Garden Manager

Carolin Hallok

  • Garden Manager
  • Campus Center for the Environment
I’m Carolin Hallock and I’m a 3rd year Environmental Science major working on a Public Health minor. I’m interested in looking at how environmental factors affect human health and what we as a society can do to mitigate those negative impacts both currently and for the future...


Elaina Chambers

  • Assistant Unit Director
  • Campus Center for the Environment
Hi guys! I'm Elaina Chambers, I'm from San Luis Obispo and I'm a third year Atmospheric Science Major! I have been interested in slow fashion, plant based diets, and zero-waste ever since the beginning of high school! I'm always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable life, since I'm super passionate about climate change...

Neha Gondra

  • Environmental Advocacy Manager
  • Campus Center for the Environment
My name is Neha Gondra and I am a first year NPB and Managerial Economics major! I was involved in environment research in high school where I investigated how pollution affected a creek habitat in my town. I also love the outdoors and play golf when I get the chance! Fun Fact: I've gone paragliding before!

Jessica Li

  • Marketing Manager
  • Campus Center for the Environment
My name is Jessica Li and I'm a third year communications major. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I got my start in environmentalism freshman year in high school where I collected 176 pairs of old athletic shoes and donated them to Converse to be upcycled. I also worked in sustainable fashion as Marketing Co-lead for the Aggie Reuse Store, and started a Campus Beautification event over quarantine...
1 Shields Ave, Davis, Davis CA 95616

Alma Magna-Leon

  • Landscape Architect
  • Campus Center for the Environment
My name is Alma Magana-Leon, and I’m a fourth-year Landscape Architecture major. Through the sustainability club at my middle school, I became very interested in how technology and smart design can be blended to create a more sustainable product and environment...

Cathyrn Ng

  • Landscape Architect Volunteer
Hi My names Cathryn. I’m majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design and minoring in Psychology and Community development. I’ve always really appreciated nature and being in it, but what really got me to take an interest in the environment was taking APES in high school and learning about different sustainability techniques...

Julie Nguyen

  • Compost Manager
  • Campus Center for the Environment
My name is Julie Nguyen and I'm a second year civil engineering major. I established a vermicomposting site at my high school that was a holistic process for fertilization in tandem with our greenhouse. I also started a sustainability and textiles club based on thrifting at my high school for upcycling clothes...