Welcome to CCE!

Come visit us in our new office in the EcoHub (north of the Bike Barn)! Talk to directors during our office hours and join us at our weekly meetings Monday’s at 5:00 pm in the EcoHub.

Volunteer Now!Now Hiring Staff for the 2016-2017 academic year! For more info check out how to Get Involved

Get Involved!

Project Compost

Volunteer to drive the Cyclops to pick up organic waste and bring it to our Windrows Compost pile and attend our quarterly composting workshops.

Project Garden

Volunteer to work in our garden plot in the EC gardens to produce a seasonal vegetable harvest and get involved with other gardening projects on campus.

Project ART

Put your sustainable ideas for the UC Davis campus into action to create meaningful environmental change in our community.

Project Challenge

Participate in our monthly challenges to learn to how to make lifestyle changes to become a more environmentally conscious individual.